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  • internet-safety

    Omegle shuts down after 14 years following abuse lawsuit

    The downfall of Omegle: A platform that enabled child exploitation and abuse An Overview Omegle, a random video chat site founded in 2009 by Leif K-Brooks that aimed to connect strangers, has recently shut down. In an extensive goodbye message, K-Brooks acknowledged that the website, which had allowed people to share ideas and form new […] More

  • climate law

    The California Effect: Visionary Climate Disclosure Laws Will Have FarReaching Impact

    The Impact of California’s Groundbreaking Climate Disclosure Laws Introduction California has once again taken the lead in climate-related policy by signing into law two groundbreaking climate disclosure bills in October 2023. SB253, the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, and SB261, the Climate-Related Financial Risk Act, require major corporations doing business in California to disclose their […] More

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    Federal Bill Mandates Overtime Pay for Truckers: Trucking Dive

    Trucking Industry Divided on Bill to Remove Overtime Exemption The trucking industry is currently in a state of flux due to a proposed bill that seeks to remove the federal overtime exemption for drivers. The measure has caused quite a stir in the industry, with some groups, such as the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), […] More

  • ripple

    Ripple Ready to Battle SEC in Supreme Court According to Crypto Briefing

    Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is Prepared to Go to Supreme Court to Fight SEC Lawsuit Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse recently revealed that the company is ready to fight the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Supreme Court after spending over $150 million on its legal defense. Speaking to Bloomberg Television, Garlinghouse expressed his confidence […] More

  • bail bonds

    Man charged under new law that denies bond for 48 hours RRSpin

    New Law Denies Immediate Bond for Crimes Committed while on Pretrial Release New Law Denies Immediate Bond for Crimes Committed while on Pretrial Release New Law and Its Two Components A Roanoke Rapids man committed a crime while on pretrial release and was charged under a new law which denies him an immediate bond for […] More

  • air-quality

    Member States Seem Ready to Undermine Proposed Air Quality Legislation, Says Civil Society

    The Council of the EU’s Position on Proposed Ambient Air Quality Directives Disregards Science and Weakens Legislation Introduction The recent adoption by the Council of the EU of its negotiating position on the proposed Ambient Air Quality Directives (AAQD) has been seen as a significant setback in efforts to strengthen air quality standards throughout the […] More

  • State senators advance probe into Fulton County Jail, Georgia’s most notorious lockup

    State Senators Push Investigation Forward on Georgia’s Notorious Fulton County Jail

    Fulton County Jail Requires $1.7 Billion Replacement A severely overcrowded Fulton County Jail, operating since 1989, has become a hotspot of inmate stabbings and weapon possesion. Staff from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office stated that the jail has become so dilapidated that inmates are able to create makeshift weapons by reaching into walls and removing […] More