DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Reveals Insights on New Jersey Sobriety Rules

DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Reveals Insights on New Jersey Sobriety Rules

New Jersey’s stringent DUI laws: A comprehensive overview


DUI and DWI offenses continue to be a significant concern in New Jersey’s legal landscape. These traffic offenses can have severe consequences, including imprisonment, hefty fines, and license suspensions. Rachel Kugel, a prominent DUI lawyer at The Kugel Law Firm, sheds light on the complexities of New Jersey’s stringent DUI laws, emphasizing the state’s non-negotiable stance on these serious traffic violations.

DUI and DWI Offenses in New Jersey

According to Rachel Kugel, New Jersey does not differentiate between DUI and DWI offenses, using both terms to describe traffic offenses related to alcohol impairment. In New Jersey, a DUI or DWI is treated as a traffic offense, which means that individuals charged will not have the option of a jury trial; instead, a municipal court judge will decide the case’s outcome. Rachel Kugel’s article provides a comprehensive overview of what constitutes a DUI or DWI offense in New Jersey.

Factors that Influence DUI Penalties

A crucial aspect of DUI defense is understanding the factors that can worsen DUI penalties. Rachel Kugel points out that the presence of aggravating factors can significantly influence the severity of the penalties imposed. Such factors include a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC), minors in the vehicle, or previous offenses. DUI offenders facing such factors require experienced legal assistance to effectively navigate the intricacies of their cases.

The Importance of Legal Representation in DUI Cases

Rachel Kugel emphasizes the importance of legal representation in such cases, highlighting that a seasoned attorney can challenge evidence and protect the rights of the accused. The Kugel Law Firm, led by Rachel Kugel, is a prominent law firm focusing on DUI and DWI defense in New Jersey. The firm prides itself on its dedication to defending the rights of individuals and ensuring they receive fair treatment under the law. With a focus on individualized attention, The Kugel Law Firm conducts meticulous examinations of each case, striving for transparency and professionalism in every client interaction.

The Critical Role of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

The legal BAC limit in New Jersey is 0.08%, and exceeding this limit is considered legally impaired. The article elaborates on the critical role of BAC in DUI and DWI cases. Rachel Kugel also explains the process of law enforcement in identifying and testing suspected impaired drivers.

Penalties for DUI Offenses

Providing a detailed breakdown of the penalties for DUI offenses, the article by Rachel Kugel outlines the fines, imprisonment terms, and license suspensions that offenders may face. These penalties increase significantly with each subsequent offense, with a third DUI conviction leading to mandatory imprisonment and an eight-year license suspension.

Defense Strategies

Rachel Kugel not only describes the consequences of DUI convictions but also advises on defense strategies. Challenging field sobriety tests and BAC test results is a possibility, along with the impact of certain medical conditions on such tests. For instance, medical conditions such as balance-affecting ear infections or physical disabilities could be grounds for defending against DUI charges.


Individuals facing DUI charges in New Jersey are confronted with the challenges posed by strict regulations and the possibility of significant consequences. Rachel Kugel’s article provides critical insights into navigating the intricacies of DUI and DWI cases in New Jersey. Understanding the law and seeking experienced legal assistance from professionals like The Kugel Law Firm can help drivers protect their rights in such cases.

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