Father of Three Killed in Automobile Accident, $12M Settlement

Father of Three Killed in Automobile Accident, $12M Settlement

The Power of Legal Counsel: A Case Study


When it comes to legal counsel, there are many factors that can influence the success of a case. From pre-filing investigations to post-mediation negotiations, every detail must be carefully considered in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the client. In this opinion editorial, we will examine the case of a plaintiff who found success through the strategic use of professional legal services.

The Case Details

The decedent in this case was a hardworking, blue-collar employee, a loving husband, and a dedicated father of three young children. His tragic death was a devastating loss for his family and everyone who knew him. Recognizing the magnitude of the loss and the damages suffered by the family, plaintiff’s counsel conducted a significant investigation before filing. This included a professionally prepared video featuring the decedent’s family, lay witnesses, and a grief counselor.

Pre-Mediation Strategy

Prior to the mediation, plaintiff’s counsel engaged the services of Jury Impressions to conduct focus groups and provide consulting services. This proved to be an instrumental part of the pre-mediation strategy and helped to determine the settlement value of the case. By gaining insights from outside perspectives, plaintiff’s counsel was able to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their case, which ultimately led to a more successful outcome.

The Role of Counsel in Mediation

In mediation, plaintiff’s counsel played a critical role in presenting the case in a clear and compelling manner. The video prepared by the counsel was used to convey the magnitude of the loss to the defendant in a way that words alone could not. By combining legal knowledge with emotional intelligence, the plaintiff’s counsel was able to achieve a settlement amount that provided the family with the compensation they deserved.

Post-Mediation Negotiations

Following the mediation, plaintiff’s counsel continued to negotiate with the defendant in order to achieve the best possible settlement. The focus groups conducted by Jury Impressions proved invaluable in this process, as they provided plaintiff’s counsel with a better understanding of the defendant’s perspective. By using this information to craft a more compelling argument, plaintiff’s counsel was able to secure a favorable outcome for their client.


The success of this case is a testament to the power of legal counsel. By taking a strategic approach to pre-filing investigations, mediation, and post-mediation negotiations, plaintiff’s counsel was able to achieve a settlement that provided the family with the compensation and closure they deserved. This case serves as a reminder of the important role that legal professionals can play in achieving justice for their clients.

Keywords: legal counsel, pre-filing investigations, post-mediation negotiations, settlement value, emotional intelligence.

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