Jennifer Lopez Ditches Wedding Ring in Latest Social Media Post Amid Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors

Jennifer Lopez Ditches Wedding Ring in Latest Social Media Post Amid Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors

The Significance of Jennifer Lopez Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring


Jennifer Lopez, the 54-year-old singer and actress, has raised eyebrows with her fans as she opted not to wear her wedding ring in a video posted to her JLO Beauty brand account on Tuesday. While promoting some products for summer fun, Lopez went without her sparkler, and it was readily apparent as she held up the products in question, giving fans a good look at her bare ring finger. The high level of wedding ring scrutiny comes amid her rumored ongoing marital strife with her husband, Ben Affleck, with whom she tied the knot in a Las Vegas ceremony in July 2022.

The Rumored Ongoing Marital Strife

For months, reports have circulated about the crumbling of their marriage, but they have tried their best to present a united front in recent weeks, even as whispers have said they are headed for a split. At the end of May, one source close to the couple told ET that Affleck, 51, and Lopez were all too aware of their issues and were desperately trying to save their marriage. “Ben and Jen don’t want to get divorced,” the source shared, adding the pair “are saying they won’t, but their relationship is simply not working at this point. They aren’t done yet and want to fix things because they love each other, but they are also both unhappy.”

Not Wearing the Wedding Ring in Public Appearances

Affleck and Lopez have been seen out and about together but have not been flaunting their wedding rings. Affleck was seen without his ring late last month while grabbing dinner with his 18-year-old daughter, Violet, who he shares with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, along with daughter Seraphina, 15, and Samuel, 12. Affleck and Garner, who tied the knot in 2005, announced their separation in 2015 and filed for divorce in April 2018. Their divorce was finalized the following October. Lopez was spotted wearing her wedding ring while out and about on a solo vacation to Europe last month.

The Impact on Fans and Media

As confusion continues over their relationship status, the media and fans continue to scrutinize their every move, particularly regarding their wedding rings. A source told ET last week that the pair is “trying to be as amicable as possible.” “They still want the best for everyone involved,” the source says, “including their kids, the rest of their families, and shared friends.” It is essential to note that in this day and age, personal relationships often play out publicly, and the media becomes consumed with knowing the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” of it all.

The Importance of Maintaining Privacy in Personal Relationships

Being in the public eye can take a toll on personal relationships, and oftentimes, it is essential to maintain privacy in personal relationships. Fans and media should learn to respect their favorite celebrities’ privacy instead of prying and speculating about their every move, especially when it comes to their personal relationships, and most importantly, whether or not they are wearing their wedding ring.


In conclusion, Jennifer Lopez not wearing her wedding ring has sparked rumors about the couple’s marital strife; however, it is essential to respect the couple’s privacy as they work through their relationship issues. Fans should learn to exercise restraint and allow their favorite celebrities to have some much-needed privacy in their personal relationships. After all, wearing a wedding ring is just a symbol of the commitment couples make to each other and should not be used as a measure of their love or happiness.

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