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Reforming the Legal System’s Approach to Domestic Violence

The Current State of Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence, a criminal act of abuse in the household setting, has long been a troubling issue in society. In the United States, domestic violence laws vary across states, but all prohibit it. However, the current legal system’s approach does not prioritize survivors’ safety and rehabilitation and often fails to hold perpetrators accountable.

Flawed Approaches to Domestic Violence

One of the major problems with the current domestic violence laws is that the focus is on the criminal punishments for abusers and not the victim’s safety. While criminalization is a necessary aspect of the legal response to domestic violence, it is not enough. The victims’ safety and protection should be a primary concern. Also, law enforcement agencies often do not prioritize domestic violence calls, leading to dangerous situations for the victims.

Proposed Solutions

A significant reform should involve the provision of a diversified response by law enforcement to domestic violence calls. Instead of just treating domestic violence as a criminal matter, all calls should be treated as a community problem that requires an immediate response. This requires a shift in the law enforcement mindset that sees domestic violence cases as private issues.

Another proposed solution is the incorporation of the “victim-centered” approach, which puts the well-being and safety of the victims first. Domestic violence courts specialized in handling domestic violence cases would offer protection orders, counseling services, and rehabilitation programs to the victim to aid them in their road to recovery and eventual empowerment.

The Role of Technology in Domestic Violence

Technology advances have contributed to both domestic violence and to the response to the cases. Cyberstalkers and abusers often use smartphones, email, and social media to control and harass their victims. Technology also allows victims to reach out for help more easily and discreetly.

The Impact of Technology on Domestic Violence

The internet and social media platforms provide an avenue for the perpetuation of domestic violence, as abusers can utilize them to control their victims. Moreover, location tracking and spyware on mobile phones have enabled abusers to monitor their victims’ activity, including the calls they make, places they visit, and messages they send.

Technology-assisted Violence

As social media takes center stage in our daily lives, cyber harassment is also on the rise. Victims of domestic violence are not spared from online abuse, as abusers use the platforms to humiliate and coerce. Technology-assisted coercive control is now a real issue.

Use of Technology to Combat Domestic Violence

Technology can also be used to aid in combating domestic violence. In particular, the use of global positioning system (GPS) technology has been introduced to the protective orders against abusers. This technology allows victims, through smartphones or other devices, to receive alerts when abusers violate the custody and other protective orders.

Duty of Society in Combating Domestic Violence

Society owes a duty to combat domestic violence, recognizing the harmful psychological and physical effects of such behavior. Providing resources to victims and holding abusers accountable are also important in combating domestic violence.

Reviving Societal Duty

The societal duty requires that families, friends, employers, and community organizations support and contribute to the eradication of domestic violence. Encouraging a culture of respect and zero tolerance to violence and abuse should be reflected in social norms.

Utilizing Social Investment

Social investment is another strategy that is instrumental in combating domestic violence. This involves the redirection of funds and resources towards preventing domestic violence by supporting social services, research, and advocacy organizations.


Reforming the legal system’s approach to domestic violence is crucial in addressing issues of abuse against both men and women. The current laws often prioritize punishment over the survivor’s safety, providing little or no support in rehabilitation. Increasing public awareness of the dangers of domestic violence, intensifying measures to prevent and combat it, and seeking to rehabilitate survivors will result in a safer and healthy society. The proposed solutions and the increased use of technology will go a long way in reforming the legal system’s approach to domestic violence.

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