Michael Kassan and UTA Heat Up Legal Battle with Dueling Fraud Claims

Michael Kassan and UTA Heat Up Legal Battle with Dueling Fraud Claims

The Legal Battle Between UTA and MediaLink Founder Michael Kassan

Recently, allegations of financial impropriety and corporate skullduggery have led to a legal battle between UTA and MediaLink founder Michael Kassan. Kassan resigned from the agency early in March and has taken legal action against UTA, demanding arbitration in a $25 million lawsuit. At the same time, UTA has filed a jury trial seeking constructive fraud against Kassan.

The Allegations and Disputes

Kassan’s claim is based on UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer’s breach of contract, while UTA insists that Kassan was fired on March 7th for cause and financial misconduct using the company’s resources. The dispute gets murkier, with both parties pointing fingers at each other regarding the sale of MediaLink. According to Kassan, the sale contract was induced fraudulently by UTA, which led to a breach of their agreement. UTA alleges that Kassan abused his position and funds for his lavish personal lifestyle, which resulted in his termination for cause.

The Consequences for the Parties Involved

Such legal battles damage the reputation and image of the parties involved. UTA faces accusations of fraud, breach of contract, and alarming financial misconduct by Michael Kassan. On the other hand, Kassan’s alleged extravagant lifestyle expenses show poor judgment and mismanagement of funds. The outcome of these legal actions will impact the future of their relationship as well as their standings in the industry.


The legal battle between UTA and MediaLink founder Michael Kassan is a concerning issue for Hollywood. The allegations and finger-pointing on both sides raise questions about their business ethics and practices. It is essential that both parties abide by the law, and the legal process takes its course. It is crucial to trust business arrangements and move forward with mutual respect and integrity. It remains to be seen how this issue will resolve and what the repercussions of this lawsuit will be.

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