OpenAI Expands Communications Operation, Scoop Reveals

OpenAI Expands Communications Operation, Scoop Reveals

OpenAI Expands Communications Function with New Product, Policy, and Partnerships Comms Leads

OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research laboratory, has announced the addition of Liz Bourgeois, Lindsay McCallum, and Steve Sharpe to its communications team. With the increased regulatory pressures and legal issues, the expansion of the PR team seems quite timely.

Why it Matters

OpenAI’s communications team has doubled in size over the last year and aims to win over audiences amidst increasing regulatory pressures, legal woes, and skepticism among the general public.

Driving the News

OpenAI has added three new team leads to its communications team:

  • Liz Bourgeois, who will lead policy communications
  • Lindsay McCallum, who will support product and research communications
  • Steve Sharpe, who will run partnership communications

What They’re Saying

“Education remains the top priority as the technology evolves at a rapid pace,” says Lindsey Held, OpenAI’s head of public relations. As OpenAI continues to develop advanced technology, education will play a key role in ensuring that audiences understand its uses and potential.

What to Watch

OpenAI is expected to continue building its communications function and to hire more media relation roles across Europe. As they develop new products and tools, OpenAI will require skilled communication professionals to educate and inform the public.

The Impact of Strong Communications for AI Companies

As AI technology continues to grow and evolve, there are increasing regulatory and legal pressures to manage. AI companies must be able to communicate effectively with policymakers and the general public to ensure that the technology is used ethically and safely.

The Importance of Policy Communications

With the addition of Liz Bourgeois as policy communications lead, OpenAI is focusing on how they can influence policy discussions and ensure that policymakers have a clear understanding of the potential benefits and risks of AI technology. Bourgeois’ expertise will be critical to OpenAI’s success in building trust with policymakers.

The Role of Product and Research Communications

Lindsay McCallum’s role as a product and research communication lead is also key. As OpenAI develops chatbots, language models, and other AI-powered tools, it’s essential to communicate the benefits, risks, and potential applications of these technologies to the public.

The Importance of Partnership Communications

Finally, Steve Sharpe’s role in partnership communications demonstrates the importance of collaboration in the AI industry. As OpenAI works with other businesses and organizations to develop new applications of AI technology, effective communication and mutual understanding of goals are essential to success.


OpenAI’s expansion of its communications team is a positive step in addressing the increased regulatory pressures and legal issues in the AI industry. Strong communications professionals like Bourgeois, McCallum, and Sharpe will be critical in educating the public and policymakers, building trust, and ensuring the safe and ethical use of AI technology in the world.

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