Seyfarth attorney dropped from Yeshiva U rape cover-up suit Law360

Seyfarth attorney dropped from Yeshiva U rape cover-up suit Law360

Female Yeshiva University student drops officials and attorney from lawsuit


A female student from Yeshiva University filed a lawsuit alleging that the school had conspired to cover up her rape accusation against a member of the men’s basketball team. The plaintiff has now voluntarily dismissed two Yeshiva officials and a Seyfarth Shaw LLP attorney from the lawsuit.

Legal Implications

This development could substantially narrow the scope of the lawsuit and potentially impact the plaintiff’s ability to prove her allegations of a cover-up. However, it is important to note that dismissal of some defendants does not necessarily disprove the allegations, nor does it preclude other parties from being held liable for the alleged wrongdoing.

Access to Justice

One of the crucial benefits of legal proceedings is access to justice. In this case, the female student is seeking justice for the trauma she has suffered. However, the dismissal of some defendants from the lawsuit could limit her options for legal recourse and access to justice. It is imperative that the legal system maintains a level playing field to ensure all parties have equal access to justice.

Sexual Assault in Educational Settings

The prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses is a growing concern in the United States. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, one in five women and one in 16 men experience sexual assault while in college. Yeshiva University, like other educational institutions, has a responsibility to create a safe learning environment for its students. Institutions should have policies and procedures in place to address and prevent sexual assault and provide support to survivors.

The Role of Attorneys in Cases Involving Sexual Assault

Attorneys play an essential role in ensuring that justice is served for survivors of sexual assault. They must act in their clients’ best interests while advocating for their rights in court. However, they also have an ethical responsibility to maintain confidentiality and avoid conflicts of interest. Attorneys should be mindful of the power dynamics at play in cases involving sexual assault and tread carefully to not re-traumatize the survivor.


While the recent dismissal of some defendants in the Yeshiva University lawsuit may impact the case’s scope, it does not diminish the seriousness of the allegations, nor the importance of providing access to justice for survivors of sexual assault. Educational institutions have a critical role to play in addressing and preventing sexual assault, and attorneys have a vital responsibility to support survivors while respecting their rights and privacy.

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