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    Child Molester Sentenced to Life In Prison: SONOMA COUNTY District Attorney

    Brian Douglas Schmitt Sr. sentenced to thirty years to life in state prison following a jury trial for felony sex offenses against a child The Verdict Brian Douglas Schmitt Sr. of Petaluma, aged 78, has been sentenced to spend thirty years to life in state prison following a jury trial for committing four felony sex […] More

  • ARRESTS and BOOKINGS 3/14/24 Clay Today: Find Out Who’s in the Slammer!

    Current Subscribers Can Connect to Free Website Account If you are a current print subscriber, you have the option to set up a free website account and connect your subscription to it. This can be done by clicking here. For digital subscribers with an active, online-only subscription, you already have an account with us. Just […] More

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    Senators shape omnibus bill to alter crime laws – VTDigger

    Vermont May Delay Raise the Age Legislation Until 2025 Vermont officials are considering a delay to “Raise the Age” legislation, which raises the age at which young offenders can remain in juvenile proceedings. The new age is due to be implemented in July 2021, but there are concerns that the state’s Department for Children and […] More

  • California Lawmakers Set Sights on Retail Theft to Combat Rising Crime Rates

    California Assembly Introduces Bill to Combat Retail Theft California Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas announced on Thursday the introduction of the California Retail Theft Reduction Act, which aims to combat retail theft. This comes nearly four months after the formation of a bipartisan select committee and two hearings. The legislation was created in response to a […] More

  • DC Democrats’ Latest Criminal Justice Reform Failure According to AMAC

    The Connection Between Street Vendor Laws and Shoplifting Crimes in Blue States The Connection Between Street Vendor Laws and Shoplifting Crimes in Blue States The Consequences of Washington, D.C.’s Street Vendor Advancement Amendment Act After the Washington, D.C. City Council decriminalized street vending without a license last year, shoplifters began ransacking stores and then setting […] More

  • “Maryland General Assembly and MoCo tackle rise in juvenile crime”

    The Maryland General Assembly’s 2024 Legislative Session Prioritizes Juvenile Crime and Justice Reforms The state of Maryland is grappling with the issue of juvenile crime, which has been on the rise in recent years. The 2024 legislative session, which began on Wednesday, January 10 in Annapolis, has put a focus on tackling this issue, with […] More

  • Georgia Divorce Attorney Shot by Estranged Husband of Client

    Georgia Divorce Lawyer Shot and Killed by Estranged Husband of Client Introduction A Georgia divorce lawyer was killed in his office in Lawrenceville on Wednesday evening. The victim, Doug Lewis, was shot by Allen Tayeh, the estranged husband of one of his clients, before the assailant set fire to Lewis’ office, with his remains still […] More

  • Task force proposes solutions to minimize congestion at Caddo Correctional Center

    Opinion Editorial: Addressing Overcrowding at Caddo Correctional Center Addressing Overcrowding at Caddo Correctional Center: A Call for Systemic Change The Problem of Overcrowding For over 18 years, the Caddo Correctional Center (CCC) has been operating above its designed capacity of 1,070 inmates. As of November 12, 2023, the jail was housing 1,376 individuals, with close […] More