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    “Make Divorce Planning a Priority with WGN Radio 720”

    The Importance of Planning When Filing for Divorce Introduction Juli Gumina, an expert divorce lawyer at STG Law Firm, joined the program “Home Sweet Home Chicago” on 01/27/24, to discuss the importance of planning when filing for divorce. Divorce is a complex legal process that can have a significant impact on a person’s life. To […] More

  • divorce during pregnancy fact check
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    Divorce During Pregnancy: Family Law Fact Check

    Pregnant Women and Divorce Laws: Fact Check In some states across the United States, it’s a legal quagmire that can pose challenges for expectant mothers going through a divorce. In a recent Fact Check by USA Today, they review the laws concerning divorce and pregnancy, highlighting the importance of having experienced legal professionals on your […] More

  • Indiana Supreme Court Makes Decision on John Rust’s Senate Candidacy

    The Impact of Social Media on the Fair Trial Right of Accused Persons Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact with each other. It has brought many benefits to society, including easy access to information and the ability to connect with people from all over the world. However, with these benefits come […] More

  • Sydney Rasch, Esq Named Best Family Lawyer by Local Little Rock Magazine

    Sydney Rasch, Esq. recognized as one of Little Rock’s Best Lawyers for Outstanding Expertise in Family Law Turner & Rasch, Attorneys at Law is proud to announce that their co-founder, Sydney Rasch, Esq., has been recognized as one of Little Rock’s Best Lawyers for 2023 in Soirée Magazine’s prestigious list. Sydney’s outstanding expertise in family […] More

  • National Law Firm Relocates to Larger Office in Downtown Fort Lauderdale

    The Perils of Online Contracting Introduction With the growing trend towards online contracting, a new set of legal issues have emerged to challenge courts and lawyers. Consumers may no longer physically sign a contract; instead, they must click a button, check a box or scroll through pages of terms of service and privacy policies. These […] More

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    Experts Weigh In on DOJ Report of Uvalde Shooting

    The Importance of Accessible Legal Information in the Digital Age Introduction Legal information is crucial for every individual to comprehend their legal rights and obligations. However, accessibility to legal information is a daunting task for many people, particularly those who are marginalized. The emergence of technology and the internet has made vast amounts of information […] More

  • Proposed Amendments to Regulations: Clear and Reasonable Warnings, Safe Harbor and More – OEHHA

    The Controversy of Jury Nullification and Its Implications The Controversy of Jury Nullification and Its Implications Introduction Jury nullification, the act of a jury acquitting a defendant despite overwhelming evidence of guilt, is a controversial issue in the legal world. Some argue that it is a way to combat unjust laws, while others believe it […] More