Eviden Launches EcoDesignCloud Technology Today on EIN Presswire

Eviden Launches EcoDesignCloud Technology Today on EIN Presswire

Enhancing Product Sustainability through Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)

EcoDesignCloud: A New Trusted Cloud-Based Platform for Sustainable Product Management

Paris, France – November 20, 2023 – Eviden, a business of the Atos Group that leads in digital, cloud, big data, and security, has introduced ‘EcoDesignCloud.’ It is a new, cloud-based platform to help organizations manage and develop sustainable products by providing trustworthy calculations of environmental impacts.

The Importance of Sustainability in Today’s Business World

Organizations face more stringent environmental regulations and pressure to meet sustainability targets. With EcoDesignCloud, these organizations can reliably assess the environmental impact and CO2 emissions of their products at any stage of their lifecycle. EcoDesignCloud allows for advanced analysis that meets sustainability objectives and reporting requirements with the help of artificial intelligence, user-friendly interfaces, and trusted data sources.

The Benefits of EcoDesignCloud

EcoDesignCloud relies on internationally trusted and recognized data sources, advanced lifecycle inventory databases, and artificial intelligence. It generates an “EcoScore” using these sources, allowing product design and procurement teams to measure and assess the CO2 emissions and environmental impact of their products with ease. This process takes only a matter of minutes, rather than months using traditional methods. In this way, EcoDesignCloud makes sustainable transformation accessible to many businesses.

Applications of EcoDesignCloud

EcoDesignCloud has many use cases across different industries. For example, the platform can enable efficient assessments of Scope 3 emissions in manufacturing. For retail and consumer goods companies, it can support product designers and suppliers to optimize the environmental impact of their products, packaging, and merchandising solutions.

Expertise and Deep Expertise Across Industries

Eviden SAS, an Atos Group business, is a next-gen technology leader that provides deep expertise for all industries in over 47 countries. It expands the possibilities of data and technology across the digital continuum, now and for future generations. As part of its sustainability portfolio, EcoDesignCloud is dedicated to helping its customers accelerate decarbonization and CSR goals.

About Atos Group

Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 105,000 employees and annual revenue of approximately €11 billion. Atos is the European market leader in cybersecurity, cloud, and high-performance computing and provides end-to-end solutions tailored to the needs of all industries in 69 countries. As a pioneer in decarbonization services and products, Atos commits to a secure and decarbonized digital future for its clients.


EcoDesignCloud is a new offering from Eviden SAS, which helps organizations make sustainable product management and development a reality. With the platform’s advanced data sources, artificial intelligence, and user-friendly interfaces, teams can quickly and easily assess the environmental impact and CO2 emissions of their products, enabling them to meet sustainability objectives and reporting requirements. Eviden SAS, an Atos Group business, provides customers with the expertise and deep expertise to fully realize sustainable transformation, accelerating decarbonization and CSR goals.

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