OxyContin Maker Bankruptcy Deal Under Supreme Court Scrutiny: Billions at Stake

OxyContin Maker Bankruptcy Deal Under Supreme Court Scrutiny: Billions at Stake

Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Purdue Pharma Settlement and Legal Shield for Sackler Family

The United States Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments regarding a nationwide settlement between OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma and state and local governments, as well as victims of the opioid epidemic. Under the agreement, the Sackler family, who owns the company, would be protected from civil lawsuits related to the toll opioids have taken. The Sacklers would contribute up to $6 billion and relinquish ownership of the company. Purdue Pharma would then emerge from bankruptcy as a separate entity, using its profits for treatment and prevention, while billions of dollars would be dedicated toward combatting the opioid epidemic.

However, objections from the Biden administration sparked disagreements among the justices, leading to a hold on the settlement. The central issue is whether bankruptcy legalities can extend to individuals such as the Sacklers, who have not personally filed for bankruptcy. The US Bankruptcy Trustee, which is an arm of the Justice Department, argues that bankruptcy law does not allow the Sackler family to be protected from lawsuits brought by individuals who are not part of the settlement. During the Trump administration, the government supported the settlement, stating that third-party releases are at times necessary for forging an agreement, and federal law does not prohibit them.

Back in 1996, Purdue Pharma’s aggressive marketing of the potent prescription painkiller OxyContin was a catalyst for a nationwide opioid epidemic, with doctors prescribing painkillers with minimal regard to addiction dangers. Although generic drugs constituted the majority of pills prescribed and used, the drug – along with the Stamford, Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma – became synonymous with the crisis. Opioid-related deaths have continued to increase, reaching 80,000 in recent years – primarily due to fentanyl and other synthetic drugs.

Around 60,000 victim lawyers who support the settlement call it a watershed moment in the opioid crisis. They recognize that no amount of money could cover the damage caused by the misleading marketing of OxyContin. However, a lawyer for a system’s opposition calls the Sacklers’ provision “special protection for billionaires.” The Purdue Pharma settlement would be among the largest settled by drug companies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and pharmacies, amounting to over $50 billion to resolve epidemic-related lawsuits from state, local, and Native American tribal governments and others. Only two settlements have direct payments to victims from a $750 million fund, and payments are expected to range from $3,500 to $48,000. The Sacklers have not received payments from Purdue Pharma since entering bankruptcy, but they were paid over $10 billion in the decade before that, with half going towards taxes.

Former LDS Director Helps Sex Abuse Survivor Cope

Paul Rytting is a former director of the Risk Management Division at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 2017, he was approached by a 31-year-old church member who shared that her father, a former bishop, sexually assaulted her while she was a child. Rytting provided emotional support and helped the woman overcome her trauma.

The woman recounted her story to Rytting, sharing the abuse that her father, a former bishop at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, had inflicted upon her. According to her, her father had often climbed into her bed while aroused. Despite the abuse that occurred in her life, Rytting helped her work through and find ways to cope with the trauma.

Arizona Diamondbacks: A Surprise in the World Series or Just Business as Usual?

The Arizona Diamondbacks’s World Series appearance was a shock for many fans. Making it to the playoffs in the first place and winning games against renowned opponents was an unprecedented event. The team won against the Milwaukee Brewers in the NL Wild Card round, swept the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-0 in the NLDS, and then won two road games in Philadelphia to close out the full seven-game NLCS.

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ success was not mere luck but an evident manifestation of the team’s hard work and grit. The Diamondbacks’ manager, Torey Lovullo, was determined to take his team to the next level, choosing to transform the team’s mindset by molding and guiding his players. The results were remarkable, leading the team to their first Pennant after just his second year as a manager. By adopting a more positive attitude and learning to believe in themselves, the Arizona Diamondbacks wrote their own history.

DISC Helps with Back Pain Relief

As the weather changes, those who are experiencing back pain can no longer rely on the dry heat to ease their discomfort. That is where DISC comes in. DISC is a comprehensive medical group dedicated to finding innovative pain relief solutions. Without resorting to surgery, DISC specializes in pain treatments that use the human body’s intrinsic healing abilities, helping individuals regain their quality of life while dealing with lower back, neck, and other pain.

DISC offers expertise on various forms of spinal stenosis, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, and other spinal issues. The clinic also offers other treatments such as minimally invasive surgery, cortisone injections, and regenerative medicine treatments such as stem cell and platelet procedures.

Back pain is a common issue, and it can affect an individual’s quality-of-life, limiting their daily activities and causing constant discomfort. Without proper treatment, it can become a severe problem. Fortunately, DISC offers a solution that does not rely solely on medications or surgeries, helping patients recover their lives once again.

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