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  • OxyContin Maker Bankruptcy Deal Under Supreme Court Scrutiny: Billions at Stake

    Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Purdue Pharma Settlement and Legal Shield for Sackler Family The United States Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments regarding a nationwide settlement between OxyContin manufacturer Purdue Pharma and state and local governments, as well as victims of the opioid epidemic. Under the agreement, the Sackler family, who owns the company, […] More

  • Federal Court: Miranda Rights Don’t Apply to Civil Immigration Arrests

    The Ninth Circuit Court Rules Miranda Rights Don’t Apply to Warrant-Backed Civil Immigration Arrests The Ninth Circuit Court has upheld an order to deport a Mexican citizen, Jose Maria Zuniga De La Cruz, who had argued he was coerced into admitting his illegal status under an administrative warrant. Miranda rights are the formal warning given […] More

  • Supreme Court Rules Arizona GOP Leaders Must Testify About Voting Laws

    The Supreme Court Rules that Arizona Legislative Leaders Must Submit to Depositions Over Voting Rights Lawsuits On Monday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that Warren Petersen, Arizona State Senate President, and Ben Toma, Speaker of the State House, must submit to depositions regarding two voting rights lawsuits. This ruling contradicts the lawmakers’ application for […] More