Republican Moderates Caved on Speaker of the House Vote

The Danger of Election Denialism in Republican Leadership


As the editor of an online legal journal and an expert in legal matters, it is concerning to witness the normalization of election denialism in the Republican Party. This editorial aims to shed light on the dangers of such behaviors and the consequences of supporting leaders who refuse to accept the results of a free and fair election.

The Battle for Republican Speaker of the House

The recent race for Speaker of the House was a good thing for democracy. However, as the events unfolded, it became clear that the moderates in the party caved under the pressure of the election denialism pushed by Donald Trump. When 22 moderate Republicans stood against Rep. Jim Jordan’s election for speaker, there was hope that the moderates would just say “No” to anyone who tried to undo our democracy and overturn the 2020 presidential election. Unfortunately, they gave up and caved, resulting in the election of a House speaker who did not stand up for the Constitution or majority rule when the presidential election didn’t go his way.

The Dangers of Election Denialism

The election denialism supported by Republicans has severe consequences not only for democracy but also for the rule of law. Instead of upholding the foundation of our republic, the Republicans who promote this behavior undermine it and weaken our system of governance. Furthermore, the willingness of Republicans to turn a blind eye to the lies and falsehoods promoted by their colleagues calls into question their ability to govern with integrity and honor. As legal experts, we must speak out against this dangerous trend and hold our leaders accountable for the consequences of their actions.

Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House

Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana is a self-described evangelical Christian nationalist who supports Trump’s claims of election fraud, thus earning himself a strongly recommended nomination by the former president. Johnson believes that the Earth is only a few thousand years old and that dinosaurs were passengers on Noah’s Ark. He opposes stronger gun control laws and blames school shootings on no-fault divorce laws, feminism, and abortions. Johnson’s failure to recognize the overwhelming evidence proving that Joe Biden won the presidential election should be disqualifying for leadership positions within the Republican Party.

The Gavels in Question

The election denialism pushed by Johnson and others in the Republican Party is not only a threat to American democracy but also to our allies worldwide. Russian President Vladimir Putin is counting on Republicans in Congress to rescue him from his reckless invasion of Ukraine. Johnson’s announcement that he will not bring Ukraine funding to the House floor for a vote suggests that Putin’s happiness and satisfaction with the current Republican leadership in Congress may be well-founded.

The Path Forward

As legal experts, we must speak out against the dangerous trend of election denialism within the Republican Party and hold our leaders accountable for their words and actions. otherwise, we risk damaging the foundation of our republic and the rule of law that underlies it. The only way to move forward is to reject the lies and conspiracy theories pushed by election deniers in the Republican Party and work towards a more just and equitable America based on truth, facts, and evidence. Only then can we truly make progress towards a better future for all Americans.

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