U.S. Homeland Security Secretary denounces Texas immigration law as unconstitutional

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary denounces Texas immigration law as unconstitutional

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Opposes Texas Law on Migrants

Mayorkas Calls Texas Law Unconstitutional

The US Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, has publicly opposed a Texas law that permits state authorities to arrest and deport migrants who have made illegal entry into the US. Speaking in Guatemala City, Mayorkas called the law “unconstitutional,” adding: “it is our hope and confidence that the courts will strike it down with finality.” The Texas law, which was passed in 2017, permits the arrest and deportation of migrants without valid entry documentation. The US Justice Department has argued that the law contravenes federal authority.

Mayorkas Warns of Migration Chaos

Mayorkas expressed concerns over the consequences of Texas’ approach to border migration, stating that the strategy could create chaos. He described the regional approach to immigration as seeking to build a “lawful, safe and orderly” pathway for those fleeing persecution. One such pathway is the US emphasis on establishing safe offices for migrants seeking US asylum. These so-called safe mobility offices help migrants begin the request process closer to their home countries. However, there is currently no safe mobility office available for migrants in Guatemala, unless they are seeking US protection specifically. As a solution, Mayorkas urged Guatemala to consider allowing these offices to process applications from other countries, although it is unclear whether this request will be met. Guatemala had previously signed a “safe third country agreement” during the Trump era, requiring migrants from other countries passing through Guatemala to seek protection from the Guatemalan government rather than at the US border. Mayorkas did not provide a direct answer when asked whether this agreement still stood.

Mayorkas Seeks to Enhance Regional Cooperation

Mayorkas, who has sought to improve cooperation with countries along the migrant route, acknowledged that relations with some countries along the route have been strained: specifically, those of Nicaragua and Venezuela. However, he explained in the joint news conference that the US aims to create regional answers through “collaborative efforts of different countries.”

Mayorkas Backs Guatemalan President Against Corruption

Mayorkas offered support for the Guatemalan President, Bernardo Arévalo, stating: “We know that the forces of corruption continue to seek to threaten democracy and the well-being of the people of Guatemala and beyond.” Last year, Arévalo’s election victory was challenged, and his party is currently under prosecution by the country’s attorney general.


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